Foothills Community Markets

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We went to the Foothills Community Market for the first time Saturday. We enjoyed meeting many new people and plan to return. While the market happens almost every Saturday, we are already committed to shows at other venues so we won’t be there every week. Check our website for upcoming shows.

Wooden mallets

We make these mallets out of mesquite wood by turning them while green, letting them dry for a day or two and then sanding and oiling them. When we do this, we leave the ends unfinished so the moisture can escape. After several months of curing, we touch up the finish and they are ready to sell. Mesquite is a very dense wood which makes an excellent mallet. It is also beautiful and is a great addition to any kitchen or workshop. Because most of our customers buy these to use in the kitchen, we finish them with food safe oil. Upkeep involves an occasional oiling with mineral oil.


Brenda makes these mosaic pieces with a little help from Carl. The first step is to cut each tile out by hand from a slab of clay. Once the tiles are dry, they get their first coat of glaze and are fired to cone 5. The tiles are then detailed with glaze and fired again, this time to cone 04. Brenda then arranges the tiles and glues them into the frame. Carl gets to grout them. Carl also makes the wood frames on the lathe. The rectangular frames are made from angle iron with a piece of tile backer installed.